Why shouldn’t you eat raw pie batter?

As appetizing as it is, a cake batter can contain some bacteria that are very dangerous to your health. Explanations with nutritionist Juliette Bentz.

Generations of gluttonous kids and eager adults know this: it’s very hard to resist the sweet charm of cake batter. However, it is best to put the spoon away and wait for the dough to be cooked and cooked before tasting it. First of all because at the end of the chain you will have more cake, but also and above all because this mixture, at first sight harmless, can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria. Those who have recently made headlines in the food scandal cases related to Kinder and Buitoni products.

Risks of Salmonella and E. Coli Infection

Ultra-resistant and present in the digestive tract of animals, these two bacteria pass directly from the excrement of our animal friends to agricultural products. Like the flour you use in the oven: “Kill Escherichia coli only by cooking it wellexplains Juliette Bentz. However, the flour production process does not involve any cooking stages. It can then become infected with bacteria from animals that live where the grain was harvested. But it is also found in yogurts, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, unpasteurized juices or even some undercooked meats.

What about salmonella? “It is also found in products that are in contact with farm bacteria, such as milk, but it is very much associated with raw eggs. Those that still have the shell and are not pasteurized, like in restaurants.” Even the ones you put in the cake batters.

What happens in the event of an infection?

Know it anyway: poisoning is very rare and generally asymptomatic. “When this is the case, the symptoms can resemble those of the gastrointestinal tract. We are therefore talking about diarrhea and vomiting. But as we have unfortunately seen recently, this can lead to severe, and even fatal forms, which develop mainly in immunocompromised people. , small children and pregnant women “, says the expert.

Morality? We bake our cakes before devouring the contents. After all, it’s better, and not just for your health!

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