The best chocolate cakes according to 60 million consumers

They have long been important guests at our breakfast tables, or for our after-school snack break, I mentioned: biscuits filled with chocolate. Today, even if we no longer consume them as before, they are still at we must keep it in our closet when you want some regressive sweetness at will. And as comforting as these cookies are, are they really good for us? Can they be a part of our daily life as we would like so much? Good ” 60 million consumers »Went through the 7 most purchased references for its special issue no. 137s published Eat healthy, good and cheap. Here are the best and cheapest chocolate cakes according to 60 million consumers.

Which brands are tested?

To guide us and help us have only the cream of the crop in terms of food in our cart, the magazine analyzed the 7 most bought chocolate-filled cookie brands. Between them ? The famous brand Prince Luand 6 retail brands. We count Lidl, Casino, Carrefour, Auchan, Aldi and Leclerc. All of these brands have been judged on very specific and important criteria for our health. In fact, the number of ingredients, additives, percentage of cocoa powder, dietary fiber, saturated fatty acids or carbohydrateshave been examined. 60 million consumers they also studied other compositions of the recipes of these sweets. The result is clear, they are all ultra-processed and contain from 9 to 18 ingredients depending on the package.

What are the best chocolate cakes according to “60 million consumers”

Unsurprisingly, the magazine informed us of the excessive added sugar content of these cookies. In fact, sugar occupies the first or second place of the ingredients in these cakes in greater quantities. Suffice it to say that we understand better why they are so soft on our palate. But that’s not their only downside. These chocolate filled cookies are also very high in fat, saturated fatty acids and palm oil. We don’t even talk about the fibers that are clearly lacking in these cakes. However, 60 million consumers have decided. For the magazine, the best brand nutritionally it is Petit Choisi, by Aldi. Indeed, ” Aldi biscuits stand out for their low price, few additives and lots of cocoa. But they are still too sweet and greasy“, Claims the magazine. Also, sold to € 2.18 / kg, they are also the cheapest on the market with those of Lidl. Attention, the magazine claims that even if they are the least bad, they should not be consumed in excess. It is better to eat them exceptionally rather than serving them every day.

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