recipes and tips for making children eat vegetables

Sébastien Parraud, private chef of My boyfriend in the kitchenexplained in Here we are! how to make vegetables “sexy” for the whole family to eat. “In fact, there is always a common thread that I try to respect, whatever the season and what I have on hand is to have what is called in Japan, the umami. That is to say a balance between acidity, crunchiness, sweetness and trying to have something that is both rich, complex, so simple and where nothing takes over.. Everything fits perfectly “reveals Sébastien Parraud.

“There is also flavor enhancers which will allow you to highlight certain dishes, certain vegetables. I think, for example, of pumpkin or cauliflower when we are in autumn-winter, where we are going to do tahini sauce based on Greek white cheese, sesame paste, olive oil, a dash of lemon, a little zaatar salt, dough attributed to the Lebanese, which is composed of sesame seeds, sumac, oregano, salt, mainly ” , explains the chef.

“We will be able to cover vegetables simply roasted in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil. And to spice it up, we can add some Pomegranate seeds because they will bring the acidity of the sugar, but also roasted cashews, fresh herbs (like chopped parsley), continues Sébastien Parraud.

The recipe for infused oil

To make your own infused oil, you can take olive oil and add citrus peel, possibly organic or untreated, as soon as you use it.

Can also, a little more complextake a bunch of sage, put it to dry for 20 minutes at 120-150 ° C in the oven and once baked take a lighter, put it on the stove and dip the sage in the olive oil. 10 minutes, no more, otherwise it takes filtered bitterness. And this olive oil, we can use it duringyou next ten days.

How to cook fresh peas?

For this seasonal recipe, “you have to do a salad mix with crispy fresh peas, strawberries, a little feta cheese, pepper, salt, olive oil, just and a little minced mint on top. And that’s it, we have something stupid ”, reveals chef Parraud.

“Otherwise, if the evenings are a little cooler, we can start in a risotto “, He adds. Let’s start by making a classic risotto: “let’s prepare our translucent rice with olive oil, blend with the white wine, stay aside and above all, we bathe at high altitude “. After 20-25 minutes, depending on the amount of rice of coursewe pour in the raw peas. You can also add asparagus heads and it’s wonderful by turning the pepper mill a little bit, ”concludes Sébastien Parraud.

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