Pizza Toast: The latest TikTok culinary trend launched by Hailey Bieber [VIDÉO]

This isn’t the first time a recipe or dish has become a trend on TikTok thanks to content creators and it certainly won’t be the last. We remember well the 1001 ways of cooking feta in the oven, the famous pasta with vodka or whipped coffee that occupied a few moments of our first birth in 2020. This latest culinary trend, we owe it to Hailey Bieber, American model and businesswoman. In fact the wife of Justin Bieber shared his simple and tasty recipe for pizza toast on TikTok, and a week later the video reached 2.5 million views.

The concept of pizza toast is quite simple, we are talking about pizza toppings on toast. You can follow the original recipe or add to the dish other foods that you like or that come to mind (long live the culinary creativity!). In any case it is easy to cook and really has everything to be delicious.

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To tempt you even more, we propose below some variations of pizza toast to try at home. Don’t hesitate to try this trendy dish before the next one arrives.

Enjoy your meal!

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Credit: recipe diaries

If you are a garlic lover, why not make your own pizza toast on a garlic bread base? You can easily make a delicious garlic bread with a fresh baguette, butter or margarine and garlic.

You can find the complete recipe right here.

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Credit: I am a cooking blog

This Japanese version of pizza toast is similar to traditional pizza with all the toppings. On a milk bread base, there is pizza sauce, red onion, green pepper, pepperoni and cheese. It can’t be anything but delicious!

You can find the complete recipe here.

Psst … Like all the recipes presented in this article, it cooks quickly in the air FryerTry it!

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Credit: Happy healthy hungry

If you are a carnivore enthusiast, you will love this version of pizza toast that includes ham. As in the original recipe Hailey Bieberthis one has tomato slices on its ingredient list.

You will find the recipe here.

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Credit: Recipes from here

Here we offer you something slightly different. You go from pizza toast to pizza bagel and the transition is quite smooth. Recipes from here offers on its website 3 inspiring versions of this cousin concept, the all-seasoned bagel pizza, the smoked salmon pizza or the mushroom pizza. You can just put these toppings on a slice of bread if you don’t like bagels.

You will find the 3 recipes right here.

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Credit: The mother the baker

This version of pizza toast is super easy to recreate. To do this, you’ll need slices of bread, store-bought pizza sauce, mozzarella, and slices of pepperoni. We’re not reinventing the wheel with this recipe, but we can’t go wrong either.

You will find the recipe here.