Our best Pad Thai recipes

Pad Thai is a Thai-inspired dish known for its exquisite fragrance and taste. It is its great versatility that makes it so attractive to everyone. Garnished with shrimp, chicken or just vegetables, pad thai is a delight for many … from one end of the planet to the other!

Our best pad thai recipes:

Thai vegetable pad

Vegetarians can also enjoy a pad Thai. Our chef suggests adding crunchy and colorful vegetables to this recipe. You can always adapt it to your taste by adding a protein, such as tofu.

Recipe: Pad Thai with vegetables


Thai shrimp pad

Perfect for evening meals, this classic pad thai recipe is prepared in under 30 minutes. The whole family will love this shrimp dish, which is as easy to cook as it is to eat!

Recipe: Shrimp Pad Thai


Shrimp and scallop pad Thai

If you can’t choose between shrimp and scallops, why not choose both? This pad thai recipe tastes even better when garnished with leeks, cilantro and peanuts.

Recipe: Shrimp and Scallop Pad Thai


Chicken Pad Thai

Whether it’s to have friends over for dinner or to please the kids, this pad thai recipe only takes about thirty minutes to cook. Garnished with Quebec chicken, snow peas and red peppers, this Thai dish is a must.

Recipe: Chicken Pad Thai