Our 6 best maple recipes

Out of season sugar will be celebrated at its fair value this year! To make the pleasure last, cook one of our 6 best maple recipes.

Maple products have the power to replace sugar in a dessert, stir-fried or vinaigrette, as well as enhance the flavors of meat and fish.

1. Quebec Maple Salmon

There’s always a good reason to cook salmon, especially when it’s enriched with ginger, maple syrup, and hot sauce.

The recipe: Quebec Maple Salmon


2. Chicken, coconut and maple noodles

This Asian-inspired recipe is an explosion of flavors in your mouth! If coconut milk offers a creamy texture to the dish, maple syrup creates the perfect balance.

The recipe: noodles with chicken, coconut and maple


3. Endive salad with maple syrup

Garnished with walnuts, green apples, blue cheese and maple syrup, this escarole salad is the perfect dish to celebrate the arrival of spring.

The recipe: escarole salad with maple syrup


4.Cmaple and bourbon pork chops

BBQ season isn’t here yet, but we’re almost there! Savor this delicious recipe of pork ribs with maple and hornet, served in a creamy herb sauce, for a taste of summer.

The recipe: maple and bourbon pork chops


5. Couscous salad with maple syrup vinaigrette

Simple and refreshing, this maple couscous salad is perfect for lunchtime. Add pumpkin seeds, feta cheese, and dried cranberries for extra flavor!

The recipe: couscous salad and maple syrup vinaigrette


6. Maple glazed duck legs

If you want to surprise the gallery with a simple but tasty dish, opt for this recipe for duck legs glazed with maple. You can accompany this second dish with roasted vegetables and polenta.

The recipe: maple glazed duck legs