easy recipes to learn about Tamil gastronomy

For these recipes Here we are! direction south and south-east of India and Sri Lanka where the Tamil community is located to discover gastronomy. “Tamil, in fact, it is a language mainly spoken in southern India, southeastern India and northern Sri Lanka. And today the The Tamil community is present all over the world, it is the diaspora. There is a community in France, but there is also one in England, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, in Europe, the United States, Canada “, explains Selva, blogger, cartoonist and author of the book. At the table of a Tamil family – Recipes from my parents.

“I’ve never found my mother’s dishes at the restaurant. Afterwards I try to understand why and I tell myself that maybe it is a very strong cuisine, very linear in taste ”, continues Selva. “

And perhaps this scares restaurateurs and they also prefer to stick to more comforting flavors known to the French and Western palate. But you can find some Tamil restaurants close to the Gare du Nord in Paris“, Describes Selva.

How to describe Tamil cuisine?

“It’s a fairly raw cuisine (…) I like it too bring it closer to Mexican cuisine. Finally, these are regions where, in fact, there is more or less the same climate. So it’s very hot, it’s tropical, it can be arid in some places and suddenly, even from a cultural point of view, we find more or less the same ingredients “, analyzes the author ofAt the table of a Tamil family.

“For example, there is many legumes in southern India, peas. But in fact we also grow a lot of rice, chilli, pepper (…) And it’s not a creamy cuisine compared to French cuisine. It’s really different and we use far fewer dairy products than in North India, for example, ”adds Selva.

For cooking tamil at home, you need “a fairly substantial list of spices” and “mainly mustard seeds which are essential for South Indian cuisine, cumin seeds, fennel, some lentils and even rice, obviously not a spice, but the main ingredient “, reveals the designer. Also consider buying some Turmericground tuber, coriander seeds.

Sukku Kaapi recipe

“This is a drink which is made with dried ginger, ”Selva says Ginger with a mortar, then dry roast. Add spices like pepper, cinnamon, and coriander seeds. Roast everything e add some sugar which will caramelize, then water. Leave to infuse for a good ten minutes beforehand filter then drink this drink.

Rice with yogurt recipe

If you have to plain yogurt, it is simply mixed with well cooked and salty white rice. To decorate and add some crunch and flavor, you can add small pieces of cucumber, otherwise small pieces of mango or carrots cut very, very finely into cubes. You can accompany this yogurt rice withan express sauce of garlic and harissa. “It’s very simple, so a little harissa, a little olive oil, a crushed clove of garlic, a little salt. Just mix them,” concludes Selva.

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