Cyril Lignac’s Easter cake recipe

Easter weekend is necessarily synonymous with gluttony. Between traditional lamb shoulder and chocolate in all its forms, family meals or aperitifs with friends have something to make your mouth water. To this we add a Easter cake chef recipe and voila!

To excite his taste buds and delight his stomach, here is the recipe for the Easter cake from Cirillo Lignac.

Cyril Lignac’s Easter cake

During his appearance on the microphone of the RTL radio, Cyril Lignac revealed his secret to preparing a delicious Easter Cake. “To make a nice pastry cake at home, you already have to make a good cookie. And a fairly easy biscuit is that of Savoy which is soft “, explains the chef. To sublimate everything, he adds whipped cream, fruit and chocolate flakes, perfect for the touch of the throat.

  • Ingredients for the cake:

4 eggs
125 g of sugar
1 sachet of baking powder
125 g of flour

  • Ingredients for the filling:

25cl liquid cream
15 g of powdered sugar
1 C. to s. mascarpone cheese
toasted almonds

Separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat the egg whites.

Mix the egg yolks with the sugar then add the flour and yeast.

Then add the whipped egg whites to the rest of the preparation.

Grease a round mold and pour the biscuit mixture into it.

Bake the biscuit for 30 min at 180 ° C.

Prepare the whipped cream by beating the mascarpone, sugar and cream. Set aside in the fridge while the cake cools.

When the cake is cold, cut it in half lengthwise. Add the whipped cream and the truffle with almonds and raspberries. Close it.

Put the whipped cream on the cake and sprinkle with chocolate chips.

Easter sweets

For a good Easter cake, opt for gourmet cakes covered with chocolate or decorated with small praline eggs. We can thus try our hand at making a cake or a Yogurt cake and then garnish it with a thousand and one ingredients: fruit, coulis, sweets, chocolates, pancakes, etc.

The choice of Cyril Lignac, the Savoy cake, it is also ideal for Easter. This historic recipe is one of the oldest in France and consists of only 4 ingredients. Ready to start the easy preparation of the Easter cake recipe ?