Cyril Lignac opens an excellent pastry shop in Saint-Tropez

With five factories in Paris, Cyril Lignac and Benoît Couvrand wanted a new challenge by opening up to the rest of France. The shock team made up of the “favorite cook of the French” and the jury of the “Best pastry chef” associated with a pastry chef who worked in the best houses like Éric Frechon’s have come up with a simple concept by creating “La Pâtisserie” that wants a local shop for Parisians by offering them a wide range of breads but also cakes and chocolates including marshmallow bears, the true signature of the two chefs.

Faced with this success, they wanted to embark on the French Riviera and what could be better than Saint-Tropez for this new challenge. “There is emotion and people for this opening. There is always excitement and it is fantastic. I’ve been here a few times already and I really like it, ”enthuses Cyril Lignac, whose wife is from the region.

For this new project, they landed with five employees trained in Paris to oversee the new teams. Several pastry chefs have been hired, but five positions still need to be filled this summer for optimal functioning. “It is difficult to bring people here because the accommodation is very expensive, so for the moment we have recruited staff from the surrounding villages,” explains Benoît Couvrand.

For this opening, the two executives did not want to open in the city center but on the beach road so that everyone could park in their car. They then found the premises of a former greengrocer who razed to the ground to build a plant of almost 450 m². Because unlike Paris where a production laboratory distributes all the “Pastries”, the Saint-Tropez plant has its own laboratory.

And it is just behind the 41 m² of the Provencal-style boutique that the magic happens. More than twenty small hands spread across multiple rooms are busy. Isolated in a first room, some prepare pasta. “They are isolated because the flour is very volatile,” explains Benoît Couvrand, who has become a guide in the kitchens he himself designed.

“Bringing our sensitivity”

A little further on, in a room illuminated by the sun’s rays, there are some large ovens. The two chefs wanted the ovens to be visible to customers from the outside, making working conditions even more pleasant. Then you have to go down a few steps to access excellence where each cake is made with care. The temperature dropped to exactly 14.6 ° C.

“They are not cold because they are busy”, laughs Benoît Couvrand who reveals some processing secrets: “For each cake, we make the recipes with Cyril 13 or 14 times before serving them. We really try to reproduce the classics of French gastronomy by bringing our sensibility. We serve 90% of Parisian creations here, but we have also created several cakes for Saint-Tropez, drawing inspiration in particular from local products. “

For this they collaborate with a greengrocer who only supplies them with seasonal products. “There are a lot of fruit cakes that we were already making in Paris, but also new creations here with strawberries, raspberries or tropézienne”, adds the former “Top chef” juror who will always staff his partner. this shop. To have the privilege of tasting these delights, you will have to pay between 2.50 and 7 euros for the individual cakes and between 25 and 50 for the creations to share.

Tristan Arnaud