cooking in all its forms

Caroline Bopp (left) and her cook Flora, in a Hanging Garden with unique flavors. Photo week

Caroline Bopp offers inclusive, local and seasonal recipes. He was successful with his food intolerances: a restaurant of his own which he opened on rue Gambetta, near the Metz station.

A table for everyone. This is perhaps the expression that best defines Jardin Suspendu, a gourmet brand that opened its doors a few months ago in rue Gambetta in Metz, a stone’s throw from the train station. The concept ? To offer healthy and gourmet cuisine suitable for all diets: flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans, allergic intolerants or simply meat lovers, there is something for all tastes.

Tolerant cooking

Caroline Bopp is driving the boat. “We are not a vegetarian restaurant. We offer a cuisine that suits everyone, ”she insists. The idea came from a personal experience. After many years without depriving himself of anything, he has developed several intolerances, in particular to eggs, milk and gluten. It is all his diet that he must then review and rethink. Especially for her that he is a great lover of pastry. It is therefore a culinary obstacle course that begins. First of all, you need to relearn how to cook. We discover new foods, new recipes. “In the beginning, there weren’t many references to rely on. It wasn’t until later that some chefs started to take an interest in it, ”Caroline Bopp points out. You also studied with Linda Vongdara, a Parisian chef recognized in the world of vegetable cuisine.

First attempts

If at the beginning the idea of ​​founding her restaurant does not seem obvious to her, since she was very young she was immersed in the world of catering. “My two uncles and my brother are restaurateurs and my father-in-law was the director of CFA cuisine de Metz for a long time,” she explains. However, it is only later that the click occurs. “For a long time I worked at the SNCF as a controller, which has a lot of trips and rather restrictive schedules,” says the 40-year-old. This is where it all gets complicated. It is not easy to find something to eat outdoors that does not contain eggs, milk or gluten. She then chooses to develop her own recipes. After several years of improvement, she has finally decided to open her restaurant-bar. A non-discriminatory cuisine that caters to all diets, forced or otherwise.

He recalls his first culinary attempts with a laugh: “He wasn’t famous,” he laughs. Today he made it his specialty. The biggest challenge of him? Succeed in a good pastry, which is gourmet, and above all gluten free. “The hardest thing was being able to reproduce certain plots,” he confides. But with practice, it’s just a distant memory. The most emblematic sweetness of the house? Definitely the lemon pie. “I have a friend who loves the lemon cake from the TGV bar. So he challenged me to do the same again, a vegetarian version. A challenge that he has successfully won.

Organic and local

Le Jardin Suspendu is also and above all a mainly organic, local and seasonal cuisine. “It’s good, in every sense! We do good to ourselves, to others and to the planet. Every week Caroline Bopp and Flora, who work alongside her in the kitchen, offer her two mixed jars, two sandwiches, a veggie burger and a weekly dish with seasonal vegetables. Flora, who she personally trained in vegetarian and gluten-free cuisine before opening a shop. And beware of those who might say that special diet rhymes with dietary deficiencies. “Since I became gluten intolerant, I have never eaten so many different flours”, assures the host.

At 4 rue Gambetta, every meal is adaptable. For the ingredients he gets supplies from Moselle producers and traders: Les Jardins du Val de Moselle (Metz), Les Pains Vagabonds (Gorze), La Fée Maraîchère (Hagondange), bread for sandwiches can be bought a few steps from there, “from Henry”. In terms of influences, Caroline Bopp draws inspiration from what she sees, from travel, from what she likes to eat. Her cuisine combines products from here and spices from elsewhere for a perfect balance on the plate.