at Bowlsy, eat healthy and fast

A new sign stands out on the Place du Champ de Mars. Christened Bowlsy, the showcase is intriguing, but you will have to wait until around April 28 to discover the cuisine of this restaurant like no other.

Who said eating on the go must be fat and bad for the body? Not the Revel brothers, Nicolas and Anthony, however. The two men, aged 25 and 29 respectively, will launch a new concept of fast and healthy food around April 28: Bowlsy. This restaurant, located at the end of Place du Champ de Mars, will offer poke bowls, Hawaiian dishes that mix animal or vegetable proteins with raw fruit and vegetables, all in the same container. A popular concept in big cities.

A common passion

Passionate about cooking and sports, Nicolas and Anthony Revel find themselves unemployed at the same time, during their first birth. This situation is combined with a strong appetite for entrepreneurship and a common desire to work together. Bowlsy’s first ingredients are launched. “The city of Romans has taken a different turn in recent years. But there is no offer of fast and healthy food. We wanted to start before someone else! And besides, this healthy side suits us.” tell the Revel brothers, who took more than a year and a half to set up their restaurant. Free to think about their project during the period of unemployment, they were also able to train in the kitchen with the Lyon chef Mariana Delubac, a star. Something to put their skills into perspective and teach them the “real” professional cooking techniques. “We know how to cook, but between home cooking and professional cooking there is a big gap! This training took us a lot to establish our processes. We learned how to cut vegetables, how long to keep fish, how fast as well as how the precision of gestures and flavors “.

Four different recipes

At Bowlsy there will be four poke recipes: two with chicken and two with salmon, garnished with vinegared rice, raw vegetables and fruit. There will also be cones filled with vegetarian or chicken versions, a kind of large pancake with vegetables and salad. The desserts will consist of plain yogurt with fruit and seeds. There will be classic and other organic drinks. “We like to eat this way. Behind our brand is a true healthy approach. We promise you a bouquet of flavors, nourishing and nutritious dishes that are good for the body!”, they call future customers, poke bowl connoisseurs or not. The prices of the menu will vary from € 11.50 to € 13.50, with a supplement for desserts. The offer is meant to be taken away, but the restaurant has about ten seats.

For the opening date, check out @bowlsylapokepause on Instagram and Facebook.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11am to 2pm and from 6pm to 10pm.