10 perfect dessert recipes to celebrate Easter

Easter is coming, finally! It is my favorite holiday, because it heralds spring. And that indirectly is chocolate day (someone has yet to say)!

If Vyou receive or you have to bring the dessert for the Easter mealhere are so many great ideas!

1. pops marshmallows and chocolate

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No, they’re adorable, aren’t they? And super easy to make, with rabbit-shaped marshmallows (Peeps style), which you can find this time of year in all drugstores, supermarkets and even dollar stores!

If you are looking for a little dessert to offer around you, this idea is perfect! You can wrap the pops in cellophane, then tie the cellophane with a ribbon.

You can make the back version (with the rabbit tail) or the front one, which will rather require green and orange mini candies (Jelly Beans style) and small candy eyes (found in specialty stores like Michael’s and even more and more grocery stores ( in the bakery department).


  • 12 marshmallow bunnies
  • 12 sticks for lollipops or “cake pops”
  • Mini Marshmallow
  • Sweet mini eyes
  • gummy candies
  • 5 ounces (or 5 squares) of baked chocolate
  • 1 C. coconut oil


  1. Put each rabbit on a stick.
  2. In a bowl, melt the chocolate and oil in the microwave, 30 seconds at a time, stirring each time.
  3. Dip each bunny in the chocolate, lightly tapping the stick with the edge of the bowl to remove excess.
  4. Place the bunnies on a sheet of baking paper and line up a mini marshmallow cut in 2.
  5. For the front, put the eyes and a carrot instead.
  6. Once finished, put in the freezer for about 20 minutes so that the chocolate solidifies completely.

Source: Food Network

2. Carrot cupcakes

Alessandra Leduc

A must for Easter, of course! And always very satisfying. Especially with the orange cream cheese glaze.

Check out our recipe for carrot cupcakes.

3. A chocolate cake with caramel and peanuts

A chocolate dessert is a must at Easter! And especially if you add caramel and peanuts, an always super satisfying combination.

Check out our chocolate, caramel and peanut cake recipe.

4. A pancake pie

Patrice’s desserts

We see more and more of this type of dessert appearing on social networks and we must admit that it is intriguing!

Nothing could be easier to make it: we prepare a great recipe for thin pancakes (you can also buy ready-made Breton pancakes). Stack them on a serving plate and spread a thin layer of filling between each: chocolate spread, custard or cream cheese as in this recipe for Patrice Demers’ Strawberry Crepes Cheesecake. Garnish with fresh fruit. It tastes like spring!

5. Cupcakes with zucchini and chocolate

Impossible not to include them in this list: they really look like Easter eggs! Then they are without refined sugar and without flour and full of goodness!

Check out our recipe for chocolate zucchini cupcakes.

6. Chocolate lasagna without cooking

Marie-Eve Laforte

Let’s be clear, it’s a “Torta Ghiacciaia”, not a real lasagna! But this recipe with several layers of chocolate will fully satisfy all the sweet tooth!

Check out our recipe for no-bake chocolate lasagna.

7. A healthy chocolate mousse


Because chocolate and light desserts can go together. Don’t tell your guests that the recipe contains tofu; they will see nothing but fire. And all the pleasure is to garnish this mousse according to your mood, with pieces of waffles or biscuits, fizzy sugar, pearls of flavor, fresh fruit, etc.

Check out our healthy chocolate mousse recipe

8. A lemon meringue pie, graham cracker crust

Kseniya Kobi / Pexels

Because there is something fresh in lemon that goes very well with spring. And the meringue (which you can also make with the aquafaba) elevates everything and makes it a super chic dessert.

Check out our recipe for lemon meringue pie, graham cracker crust.

9. A maple syrup cake

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Because Easter also coincides with sweetening, of course! This recipe will delight all the sweet tooth! Served hot, with a little maple syrup, it will be perfect!

Check out our maple syrup cake recipe.

10. Cake with false magician and strawberries

Jean-Philippe Cyr

It took at least one “cheesecake” on this list! But here it is, this is vegan and made with cashews and coconut milk. It can be done in a large mold rather than multiple small molds, increasing the cooking time (start watching from about 30 minutes). We could also garnish it with fresh strawberries!

Check out our strawberry cheesecake recipe.

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