10 fairly easy birthday cake recipes to make

I love making cakes for the birthdays of my loved ones! It’s a nice touch for them and also allows them to contribute to the meal. I feel that a lot of people are intimidated by cooking, or just don’t care, haha! But if you clicked on this article, it’s probably because you have some interest in sweets and how they are made.

If you follow the steps and measure the ingredients to the nearest gram, you shouldn’t have too much trouble making the recipes I’m suggesting. To make pastry well, the important thing is to respect the recipe and not take too much creative freedom with the ingredients (as you could do for a soup, for example). In addition, another tip is to check the cooking according to the power of your oven. The times indicated in the recipes are not always suitable for your oven.

Without further ado, discover ten pretty simple birthday cake recipes to make!

Triple chocolate cake

Credit: Increase

Everyone will love this triple chocolate cake which is quite simple to make!

Coconut cake and peach glaze

Credit: Cindy Boyce three times a day

Decorating this cake is a little trickier to make with coconut, but the rest of the recipe is easy to make! And the result is delicious.

Strawberry cake

Credit: Justine Marc-Aurèle for Three times a day

If you have strawberry lovers, you must choose this cake! Plus, it’s quite easy to prepare.

Soft peach cake with vanilla and caramel sauce

Credit: Justine Marc-Aurèle for Three times a day

This moist cake is simple to make and doesn’t require a long list of ingredients.

blueberry pie

Credit: Caty’s recipes

This blueberry pie is simple to make and not too sweet. Its soft texture will delight you!

Fruit angel food cake

Credit: Caty’s recipes

Angel food cake is a fairly simple recipe to make. The filling is also easy to prepare and the result will be delicious!

Red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

This cake seems complicated to make, but if you opt for a simple decoration, you will find that it is not that difficult to follow the recipe and have a nice result.

Cheesecake, sour cream and raspberries

Credit: Sylvie Li three times a day

This cake is one of my favorite recipes! It’s easy to follow and hard to miss. In addition, the baking of the cake takes place without having to put it in another dish with water in the oven, like most other cheesecake recipes.

Small pots of slow cooker dulce de leche cheesecake

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

Slow cooker cupcakes? Let’s say yes! The recipe is here.

Tiramisu terrine

Credit: Justine Marc-Aurèle for Three times a day

Tiramisu is a dessert enjoyed by many people. Making this dessert becomes simple by following this recipe from Trois fois par jour!