Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowships at ACS Green Chemistry Institute in USA

The ACS Green Chemistry Institute is looking for students who are likely to apply for the International Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowsh

Founded in 1876 and approved by the US Congress, the organization is one of the largest scientific organizations in the world with over 151,000 members in 140 countries. Its mission is to promote a wider range of chemical businesses and their practitioners for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants. His vision is to improve people’s lives through the transformative power of chemistry. As a non-profit scientific organization with over 140 years of experience, they are a global community of chemistry advocates, their practitioners, and their members.

Why study at the ACS Green Chemistry Institute? ACS’s mission is to facilitate and enable the implementation of green and sustainable chemistry and engineering in the global chemical business and society. Advance a wider range of chemical companies and their practitioners for the benefit of the planet.

ip in the United States. The program is open from 2022 to 2023.Applicants must be interested in research or education in green chemistry. Fellows are also required to make an oral or poster presentation on their area of ​​interest at the meeting and report their experience to ACSGCI after the meeting for reimbursement.

Application Deadline: Applications must be received by 5:00pm. Mr. October 9th. Eastern Time (GMT-4).

simple explanation
University or Organization: ACS Green Chemistry Institute
Department: N.A.
Course Level: Undergraduate, Graduate or Postgraduate
Price: $2,000
Number of awards: not applicable
Access: Online
Nationality: American and International
The award is available in the U.S.


Eligible countries: all nationalities.
Eligible Course or Subjects: Scholarships will be awarded for green chemistry offered by the University.
Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:
Young international scholars are defined as university students and above but below assistant professor level and within the first seven years of their career.
Applicants living in the United States and abroad are eligible for this award.
Travel must be to attend a green chemistry technical conference, conference or training program. Students should consider attending the Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference. Prize funds cannot be used to attend the ACS Green Chemis

How to register
How to Apply: Applications should be a single PDF file sent to with “Breen Fellowship Application – [applicant’s last name]” in the subject line and no more than six 8½ by 11 inch pages , typed at least 11 point font, with at least 1 inch margins
Supporting Documents: Students must submit the following documents to the university:
Cover page (not more than one page) including:-
Applicant’s name, department, institution (or company) and field of study.
Name of the candidate’s academic advisor (or supervisor) and contact details.
Name, date and location of the conference or meeting for which the applicant is requesting funds.
Estimated budget for travel expenses, up to $2,000 (includes conference registration, travel, and accommodations) to attend the meeting. The prize will be mailed as a reimbursement check after the conference. Meals/food are not reimbursable expenses.
Essay (no more than one page) – written by the candidate on their interest in green chemistry, including any previous experience in the field, how attending the selected conference will benefit them, and why they should be chosen to receive the price.
A curriculum vitae or curriculum vitae of no more than two pages including:
Applicant’s name, department, institution (or company) and academic advisor (or supervisor).
Postal address, telephone and email of the applicant.
A few sentences about the green chemistry training or the candidate’s research interests and career plans.
Field of study, degrees, educational experience, GPA or other measures of social status, and work experience (if applicable).

try and Sustainable Energy Summer School.
Candidates must demonstrate an educational or research interest in green chemistry. Green chemistry is defined as the discovery and design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances.

A list of recent presentations and publications (if any).
Recommendation:-From the candidate’s academic advisor, academic advisor, or department head (within 2 pages). The letter can be sent separately or attached to other application documents.
Admission requirements: Applicants must have a pre-school diploma with excellent results.
Language requirements: If English is not your native language, you will need to provide proof of your English proficiency in spoken and written language.
The ACS Green Chemistry Institute receives awards of up to $ 2,000 based on travel, accommodation, and event-related cost estimates. If two Breen scholarships are awarded each year, one scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student and the other to a graduate or graduate student.

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